10 Key Components of an Effective Sales Process

In order to maximize your success in enrolling new clients and increasing your sales, you need a to have an effective process for doing so.  In fact, I can’t really think of any significant situation were you achieve maximum success by winging it.  So, recently I asked 42 women entrepreneurs if they had an effective, customized, sales process that they follow. To my surprise, only 6 out of the 42 women answered with a confident, “Absolutely!”

When your sales process has no real rhyme or reason, your flow of new clients becomes erratic, your conversion rate plummets, and your income goes up and down more than a ride at 6 Flags.

If you want to succeed in business, you really need to have a rock-solid sales process in place.

Here are 10 Key Components of an Effective Sales Process:

1) Specific Sales Goals.  Wanting more clients isn’t a sales goal.  It’s more of a wish than an actual goal. It’s too nebulous.  If you don’t know what your yearly, monthly, or weekly sales goals are, take a moment to write them down.  When you do this, you’ll be more likely to actually reach your goals.

2) Daily tasks to implement your sales goals.  Many entrepreneurs don’t actually know what they should be doing to meet their sales goals. Meeting sales goals actually takes a bit of planning and can seem overwhelming when you’re looking at the big picture.  Chunk down your tasks into bite size pieces that you can do on a daily basis–then track your progress.

3)  A consistent marketing strategy to fill your pipeline with new leads.  Your marketing should support your sales goals.  Marketing without a plan and a strategy is a waste of time and so is marketing inconsistently.  You want to create a steady flow of leads to keep your sales process running smoothly.  Doing this will make your income more steady, as well.

4) A fail-proof follow-up system.  Many business owners I’ve met really stink at following up.  If you take the time to meet new people but never actually follow up with them, you’re wasting your time. You may, as well stay in bed.  I know that seems obvious, but so many business owners fail to follow up with potential clients an referral partners that I feel like I must mention it.  You must create a process for following up with people, otherwise you’ll never get around to doing it. Of course you need a process for following up with new leads, but you also need a process for following up with past clients, and even folks who may have said, “no” to your offer previously.

5) A seamless process for scheduling appointments with potential clients.  Your system for scheduling appointments needs to be easy for both you and your potential clients.  The easier it is, the more likely you are to actually book appointments that lead to new clients.

6) Sales conversations that actually lead to sales. Many women entrepreneurs really struggle with sales conversations and end up not getting a client or undercharging for their services.  You must master the enrollment conversation and convert prospects into paying clients, otherwise your business won’t survive.

7) The ability to avoid and overcome objections.  If you’ve mastered your sales conversation, you shouldn’t get a ton of objections, but when you do, you need to know how to help your clients work through them so that they can get the help that they need.  Most business owners feel caught off guard and stumped by objections. Objections are nothing more than concerns. A little forethought can go a long way in helping you serve more of the people you are meant to serve.

8) A process for keeping new clients committed, once they’ve said “yes.” So you got a new client–congratulations! Now how do you keep them from calling you back to say they changed their mind. You actually need an intake process that not only handles the formalities, but also keeps them excited and fired up to work with you.

9) Great service delivery.  As Larry Winget would say, “Do What you said you we do, when you said you would it, exactly how you said you would do it.” Make sure the delivery of your services meets or exceeds your clients’ expectations.  This will help you win repeat business and referrals.

10) A process for getting repeat business and referrals.  Make it a “no-brainer” for your current clients to continue working with you.  Offer them incentives that they cannot refuse.  Also, create a system for generating referrals.  Clients who love you make great referral sources, but you can set up a referral relationship with anyone with whom you are aligned.

These are just some of the common key components that I see women entrepreneurs missing from their sales process.  There are others.  I didn’t even mention the most important component of all, which is a healthy mindset.  So much of your sales success really does have to do with your approach to sales.  I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your comments below.

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About Tiffany deSilva

Tiffany deSilva is the founder, CEO, and visionary leader of BrightFire Women’s Business Network, LLC.

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Feedback & Comments:

  1. Heidi Alexandra Pollard says:

    # 3 and #4 are key for me – you absolutely have nailed exactly what processes businesses need to follow to ensure success!

  2. Outstanding tips Tiffany! #10 resonated with me.

  3. Definitely helps with the bottom line to have a process for your sales conversations. And to know WHAT exactly you are selling, as well. Great tips.

  4. Having a sales process is great and when you have it written down in a system it can be used as a training manual for new people joining your organization as you grow.

  5. Great list! It is all in the follow up for certain.

  6. Great article, especially for those of us who are not intuitive sales people. #4 and #5 are huge for me and definitely something I need to work on. Thanks for the great article.

  7. I love #10 and find it works so well for me and I love writing those referral checks!

  8. Great advice, and I really like your differentiation between wish and a goal. :) Love, Katherine.

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