10 Ways to Channel Your Inner Dragon and Achieve Unlimited Success

Channel Your Inner DragonDid you know that 2012 is the year of the Dragon? Yes, according to chinese astrology, the year of the Water Dragon is upon us. The dragon is believed to be a symbol of good fortune and intense power, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy unlimited success in your business and personal life.

As a Leo Fire Dragon, I’m like one big ball of energy, passion and determination (that’s what it’s like when you have 3 fire signs wrapped in one). I am so excited about this year because I know it’s the perfect time for all of us to step up in a BIG way (I can only imagine what it will be like when we have another Fire Dragon year)!

I never really thought much about these signs until a couple of years ago when a client said to me, “I knew you could help me because you’re a Leo Dragon.” I must admit, I thought it was strange that she knew that I was a Leo Dragon because I didn’t tell her I was.

You see, dragons (and leos) are believed to be successful at whatever they set their mind to. It’s almost like we have been gifted with the “success mindset” that many people struggle to find.

If you want to be extremely successful, take a look at some of these dragon characteristics and “act” like a dragon:

  1. Dragons (and leos) love recognition. Accept your place in the limelight and build visibility for you and your business.
  2. Dragons (and leos) are fearless in the face of challenges. Challenges are meant to be overcome, so don’t let them stop you from achieving success.
  3. Dragons (and leos) are non-conformists. Do your own thing and embrace your unique gifts and you will be successful.
  4. Dragons (and leos) are very passionate. Follow your passions and live a life full of purpose and joy.
  5. Dragons (and leos) are extremely ambitious. Make determination your “middle name,” shoot for the sky, and never give up until you have achieved your goals.
  6. Dragons (and leos) are very energetic and live life to the fullest. Manage your time well and don’t waste a single moment.
  7. Dragons (and leos) are magnificent business people becasue they are natural leaders, “big idea” people, innovative thinkers, and “take charge” kind of folks. There is a reason that leo is considered the “king” and the dragon is the symbol of the “emperor.”
  8. Dragons (and leos) are very generous and easily attract and connect with others. Build meaningful relationships, be of service, and build your success while you’re at it.
  9. Dragons (and leos) are very resourceful and confident. Adopt an ”I CAN do anything” mindset and you’ll be well on your way to achieving unlimited success.
  10. Dragons (and leos) expect (and think) the best of themselves and those around them. Set your standards high. You’re awesome, so act like it and believe it. Some people believe that just standing next to a dragon will give you greater confidence. I believe it. Energy is contagious.

A word of caution: We leo dragons do have our weaknesses. Watch out for perfectionism, bossiness, impatience, impulsivity, “hot-headedness,” and the “I’m always right,” and ”I can do it all by myself attitude” that sometimes creaps in (usually when something in our lives is out of balance). Know when to ask for help and use your fine leo dragon leadership skills when you need to. Remember, to always stay grounded but never fear taking your place at the throne.

I would love to hear your comments and how you are “claiming your throne” in 2012 and beyond. Feel free to leave me a note below.

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