5 Steps to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social media love conept in word tag cloudReally Know Your Ideal Customer

You will hear me say this again and again because it is, in my opinion, the number one factor you should consider before planning any marketing. Sure you have an idea of what your ideal customer looks like but could you pick her out of a crowd? Do a little research and find out where she is spending her time online. This could mean polling current customers or creeping them on social media to see what else they are liking. Social media has made market research so much easier, it’s ok to take advantage of that! Before the end of the day do a little recon work and really get to know this guy or girl, it will make creating effective marketing that much easier.

Schedule the Bulk of your Content

It happens to nearly every business owner, things get busy out of nowhere and you have no time to keep up your social media. Most entrepreneurs will let their social media slide when time gets tight but this is a no-no. In order for social media to be effective it has to be consistent. To help with this set away a few hours at the start of the month (or delegate it) and schedule some content across your social media. Just be sure to choose content that is evergreen (will remain relevant.) Some ideas to get you started; articles that appeal to your ideal customer (since you know her so well now), quotes and sprinkle in about 10% promotional content.


Mark your calendars and make it a daily or weekly affair. Go into each of your social media profiles and comment on a few posts. Creating a shortlist of ideal clients or potential partners can help to make this time as productive as possible so you are reaching and engaging with exactly who you need to. Of course you should also have time scheduled to go in and respond to anyone who has taken the time to comment on your posts.

Optimize your Profiles           

No one wants to follow an ‘egg’ on Twitter or like a Facebook page that doesn’t have a clear purpose. Take an afternoon and make sure that your about sections are all up to date and always include a call to action to visit your blog, website or sign up for your newsletter. Be sure that your pictures are consistent as well – they are representing you and your brand.


The most effective social media marketing doesn’t generally happen on by accident. Developing a strategic plan that guides you on what to share, what social media platform to concentrate on, when to share and how often to share it can make or break your social media marketing. To get strategic, you first have to really know your ideal customer so start from there, do your research and get strategic!

About Tracy Gaudet

Tracy Gaudet is the founder, CEO, and Online Business Manager of Inspire Planning and the Inspire Planning Academy. Inspire Planning offers strategic and monthly online business management and marketing services to the most inspiring female entrepreneurs. The Inspire Planning Academy offers training for business owners who need to be schooled in the ways of online business and how to find customers online. Visit Tracy at http://www.inspireplanning.ca.

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  1. Very helpful Tracy! Especially #2 :)

  2. Hey Yiye! Thanks, scheduling is always a good idea :)

  3. I so agree about the content management. Creating a calendar will help so much! Thanks for the tips.

  4. Tracy, these are all outstanding tips. I was just working on a strategic social media plan with a client today. They are so important! Asking the question “who is your customer?” was the first thing we did!

  5. Tracy,
    Great advice. When participating in social media as part of a marketing plan for
    a business it must be a planned and scheduled activity. Totally agree.

  6. This is great advice! this one is so funny and really surprises me… “No one wants to follow an ‘egg’ on Twitter” and I totally agree. I also often see no picture on Linkedin profiles and am always amazed

  7. I am happy to see you write about this again and again because it is spot on! Keep giving us this great info!

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