5 Steps to Unleash Your Feminine Genius

boxing business womanYou are visionary, multi-passionate, with an entrepreneurial spirit. You have a big vision for making the world a better place.

But something’s not quite right. You make progress, then hit a roadblock. You’ve spent thousands of dollars learning how to run a successful business, but you’re not doing the things you know you need to do. What’s up with that?

I’ve identified five essential steps that ALL need to be in place in order for you to successfully create the business and life of your dreams. Here they are:

1. Start with what brings you JOY. What do you love to do so much, you’d do it for free? If your answer doesn’t immediately give you a clear answer, look a little deeper. If you love playing video games, you might not know how to earn a living with that. But go deeper: what is it about playing video games? Is it the problem solving, the competition, or something else?

2. Integrate ALL parts of you with compassion and acceptance. When you try new things, your Inner Child will feel unsafe, your Inner Critic will start nagging, the Shadow parts of your personality show up to sabotage you, and you find out where you’re unbalanced in your feminine and masculine energy. All of these issues add up to fear about feeling unsafe, unloved, and/or unaccepted. To assuage these fears takes compassion and unconditional acceptance.

3. Dance with resistance, a.k.a. Face your fears. This step dances back and forth with step 2. In step 2, you’re dealing with inner fears and resistance. In this step, you’re facing the outer fears: fears like public speaking, asking people to work with you, and standing for what you believe in. In other words, all the things you need to do in order to succeed in business. The thing with facing these fears is this: what you resist persists. You have to be willing to lean into the fear and resistance, face it head on, and then move forward while keeping all of your parts from step two in agreement with your plans for the future.

4. Allow for support and accountability. This is where the feminine genius gets to be supported by a strong masculine container of accountability. Feminine genius is creative, collaborative, it flows and it needs support. Yet, we’re often afraid to ask for support because we’ve bought into the lie that there’s something wrong with us if we need support. In truth, magic happens when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and receive the support we deserve. Setting up an accountability system, whether it be a business buddy, a coach, or a mastermind group, gives another level of support, but in a more structured, masculine way.

5. Take consistent daily action. This step isn’t sexy, but it’s as essential as the other four steps. This is where the rubber meets the road. I recommend that your daily actions include the following three components: self-care, business development, and revenue generating activities. My daily actions include meditation, movement, a gratitude practice, plus at least one project each of revenue generation and business development.

If you want more detailed information about these five steps and some specific tools to help you with them, please go to www.johannalyman.net/webinar to register for the next webinar.

About Johanna Lyman

Johanna Lyman, CUCG, is an internationally known speaker and teacher, author, and a mentor coach for conscious women in business. She has helped thousands of people all over the world create the business and the life of their dreams by breaking through limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviors. Her work has been called “life changing,” and “powerfully transformational.”
She runs her coaching practice in Silicon Valley, California, and metro Boston, Massachusetts. She has worked with (past and present) motivational speakers, consultants for nationally recognized nonprofit organizations, manufacturing plants, sales and technology companies, and over a thousand business, life, and health coaches.
Johanna has recently spoken at Femfessionals of Rhode Island, the WOW Conference for Women, the Natural Healers Network, the Awareness Network, Women For Change Coaching Community, Successful Thinkers, and at her own live events.
Her work has been featured and quoted on MSN.com, Huffington Post, Shine! for Yahoo, Your Tango, Gal Time, Redbook, and Match.com. Her website is www.johannalyman.net

Feedback & Comments:

  1. The biggest of these, as I see it, is to face your fears. I see that one thing freezing women biz owners up. Men biz owners seem to act them out, women internalize them and freeze up.

    • You’re so right about the difference between men and women in business, Sue! Thanks for pointing that out.
      It has to do with how we internalize shame. For men, their one message is: don’t be weak. So even though their success may (*may*) be driven by fear, the way they’ve been socialized actually lets them use it to their advantage.
      (We might want to take a page out of that play book, eh?)

  2. Johanna, I completely agree with your final point, #5, in particular. Consistent daily actions, however minute, are the way to implement change. And I very much agree with daily gratitude and meditation.

  3. I love most of this post and agree with everything except this: “You have to be willing to lean into the fear and resistance, face it head on, and then move forward.” It just seems so harsh for people who are truly frozen by their fears. If you have never truly experienced fear and anxiety and panic you can’t know how hard it is to boot-strap it, and try and face it head on.

    Instead, I would say recognize it for what it is and get help so the fear and anxiety is eliminated. Foods like grass-fed red meat, wild fish, a gluten-free diet, zero sugar and caffeine, and nutrients like tryptophan, GABA, zinc can actually do this – end anxiety.

    And to add to Sue’s comment – women are affected by anxiety and fear at twice the rate of men


    • hi Trudy,
      I have, in fact, experienced intense fear, anxiety and panic. I’ve had PTSD, and have had major resistance to moving into the life I’ve desired.
      IMHO, the only alternative to facing your fear and moving through it is to settle for a life that’s less than what you really want. That said, I don’t suggest bullying yourself through your fear. I recommend self-compassion and getting tons of support.
      I also recommend that if you’ve suffered trauma, as I have, to try EMDR to heal the trauma. It is the ONLY modality (and believe me, I’ve tried dozens) that has had any lasting results for me. Certainly, clean eating will help, but I think it’s over-simplifying things to suggest that eating differently will completely release fear and anxiety.

      • Johanna
        I’m with you on self-compassion and getting tons of support and EMDR. I’m so pleased this helped you so much. It’s a wonderful approach.

        Please don’t dismiss clean eating and please consider it therapeutic instead. It’s incredibly powerful and this together with targeted therapeutic levels of nutrients to address each person’s deficiencies can actually completely release fear and anxiety. I see it on a daily basis with my clients and it’s what worked for my anxiety and panic attacks. I’d love to invite you to check out my book “The Antianxiety Food Solution.”

        I don’t address PTSD in my book but there is so much research linking low vitamin D, low EPA, cortisol imbalance, low HDL etc etc to PTSD.

        This blog from my recent Anxiety Summit has some of the food research and you’ll see some PTSD research in one of the comments http://www.everywomanover29.com/blog/anxiety-summit-latest-food-nutrient-research-anxiety-music/



        • hi Trudy,
          I’m certainly not dismissing the importance of clean eating. I appreciate your passion and commitment to helping people feel better!
          Complex problems require multi-faceted solutions, from what we put into our mouths to what we put into our minds, and including clearing trauma at a cellular level both physically and energetically.
          Much love,

          • I love the dialogue that the two of you have created and I think you’re both correct. Fear and anxiety exist on a continuum and stem from a multitude of factors. Research has shown that nutrition greatly influences mood and we also know that our thoughts and beliefs also affect our health, overall well-being, and our sense of self-efficacy and success.That’s why adopting a holistic point-of-view in our daily lives is so important to helping us be our best and live optimally.

  4. So true Tiffany, and having a bigger purpose that keeps you motivated through those fears and keeping you consistent really helps!

  5. Great article and I like all 5 tips. My favorite though is the last one. While it’s not ‘sexy’ as you point out, it’s important to be taking action to move forward. Staying paralyzed is the worst thing we can do.

    • Thanks Tandy!! That’s the one (#5) that has made the biggest difference in my business in the past year. Nike was on to something when they coined the phrase “Just Do It”!!

  6. Tiffany,
    Overcoming the inner voices and facing the fears
    are the biggest obstacle we all face. Each of your
    tips are excellent.

  7. GREAT post!

    You had me at “Joy”! And, all your points are spot-on!

    Great stuff… Sharing!



    Singer/Songwriter/TVShow Host

  8. I love #1. I think not enough people focus on joy not just in their life but in all aspects of it. We spend so much time working it should be something that does bring us joy.

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