Are you a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur?

MultiPassionateMulti-passionate entrepreneur.

Maybe you’ve heard of “those”?

Especially if you’re involved in the online business/blog world there’s a chance you have.

If you follow Marie Forleo or watch Marie TV, you’ll know what it means.

Maybe, like Marie, you are one.

But just in case you’re going “what’s she on about…?” I’ll explain:

First, what is multi-passionate?

Multi-passionate is a type of personality. Just like you can be introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

It may seem like a “new thing” but back in the day, being a person who pursued many different passions was called a Renaissance person. Think Leonardo De Vinci, Benjamin Franklin.

Multi-passionates are natural creative thinkers. We are learners, not memorizers.

You have several different passions, of equal importance to you.

Maybe you have several going at the same time or maybe your passions change so you have “one after another”.

One thing’s for sure: you do not fit into a linear lifestyle of 1 education, 1 career, then pension, the end. The very thought of having to do the same thing or staying in the same place for years, horrifies you.


So what is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur exactly?

My guess is that many multi-passionates become entrepreneurs (business owners) because they can’t find jobs that suit them and their need for change.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, as I understand it, is either a person whose business includes several related topics under one umbrella or what is sometimes called a serial-entrepreneur. Or both combined.


If you own a business, you know there’s a chance that the business you started with is not the business you end up with. Things change and as a business owner you have to change with it. That’s why being a business owner suits many multi-passionates.

However, there’s also a lot of “business stuff” to attend to as a biz owner and that side of things may not be your cup of tea. So for some MP’s it works better to have a day job and then a side-order of passion, being a blog, a tiny micro-business, creative art or whatever.

That’s what suits me at the moment.

I have had an online vintage clothes shop but I closed it down. Not because I stopped loving vintage clothes (don’t get me started on the benefits of vintage clothes vs. mass produced in Asia) but because the business model of running a clothes shop wasn’t for me.

Now I write on my blog about creativity and being multi-passionate – which I love – while I have a day job in a children’s nursery – which I love – while also training to become a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach – which I love.



There are many ways to live a rich multi-passionate life.

It is my intention to spread awareness about this most fantastic way of living and viewing the world.

Maybe being a business owner is just the thing for you. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it will be but just not yet. Maybe it has been but isn’t anymore. And that’s ok.

Just know that if you are loosing interest in your current business and/or it’s not making money, that it doesn’t mean you are no good at being a business woman. Maybe you’re following the advice of a non-creative, non-multi-passionate well meaning “expert” and that’s just not how you roll.

You’re ok just the way you are.

About Katja Hunter

Katja Hunter is a creative multi-passionate, and by Christmas 2014 she will become a certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach so she can coach other creative multi-passionates, using the gentle steps approach of Kaizen.

Feedback & Comments:

  1. Katja, I love that expression multi passionate! It says so much in one word and yes I am!

    • Hi Mary Ellen

      It does, doesn’t it? However, there are many other names for “us”;
      multipotentialite, scanner, boundary crosser to name a few.

      Multi-passionate is what I consider myself to be. Glad you do too :-)

  2. I am with you Katja, I have my Greenlight Coaching Biz, I’m an R+F skincare consultant, and I coach women over 35 go from Burnout to Bliss. I speak, coach, inspire, and empower with each business and they tie together under the umbrella of multiple streams of presenting income.

    • Hi Jessica
      I LOVE all your different passions. Good for you. You are a perfect example of how it’s possible to live a rich life doing several things.

      Thank you for sharing this :-)


  3. I think many of us are either multi-passionate OR sequentially passionate. ;-)

    • Hi Sue

      “Sequentially passionate”. What a great way to put it and YES, I think you’re right.
      I honestly see more and more people (because I’m more aware of it myself) with many different passions, but not pursuing them as they have to keep their “career” going,

  4. Interesting term that I’m not familiar with!

    I would have to say this applies to me – I help women find natural solutions for anxiety (using food and some pretty powerful nutrients like GABA, tryptophan, zinc etc). I love to teach and collaborate so I teach other health practitioners help women find natural solutions for anxiety.

    I’m also the author of “The Antianxiety Food Solution” and teach other nutrition and health professionals what I have learned about being an author

  5. This was an interesting viewpoint. I’m on my third career, it turns out to be the one that I’m most passionate about but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the others. They just didn’t fill that “space” inside me. Thinking multi-passionate focus opens up interesting lines of thought.

    I also hadn’t heard of Kaizen Muse before, it looks like a fascinating process to work with.

    • Hi Mira

      That’s a great point.
      The first two careers did what they had to do for you at that time and when they no longer did that, you moved on. If I understand you correct.

      That’s what I see in many multi-passionates – including myself.

      Yes, Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching is fascinating and gentle and so powerful. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more – no strings attached :-)

  6. Similar to others who have commented, I as well fit the bill as described by you.
    My consulting business, executive coaching and professional speaking starts
    the ball rolling. Then within each of these areas are multiple categories.
    Great points!

  7. Yes! I value variety HIGHLY in my life. I am certainly multi-passionate. Always interesting! <3 Katherine.

    Katherine C. H. E.
    Singer Songwriter TV Show Host Author… ;)

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