About Johanna Lyman

Johanna Lyman, CUCG, is an internationally known speaker and teacher, author, and a mentor coach for conscious women in business. She has helped thousands of people all over the world create the business and the life of their dreams by breaking through limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviors. Her work has been called “life changing,” and “powerfully transformational.”
She runs her coaching practice in Silicon Valley, California, and metro Boston, Massachusetts. She has worked with (past and present) motivational speakers, consultants for nationally recognized nonprofit organizations, manufacturing plants, sales and technology companies, and over a thousand business, life, and health coaches.
Johanna has recently spoken at Femfessionals of Rhode Island, the WOW Conference for Women, the Natural Healers Network, the Awareness Network, Women For Change Coaching Community, Successful Thinkers, and at her own live events.
Her work has been featured and quoted on MSN.com, Huffington Post, Shine! for Yahoo, Your Tango, Gal Time, Redbook, and Match.com. Her website is www.johannalyman.net

5 Steps to Unleash Your Feminine Genius

boxing business womanYou are visionary, multi-passionate, with an entrepreneurial spirit. You have a big vision for making the world a better place.

But something’s not quite right. You make progress, then hit a roadblock. You’ve spent thousands of dollars learning how to run a successful business, but you’re not doing the things you know you need to do. What’s up with that?

I’ve identified five essential steps that ALL need to be in place in order for you to successfully create the business and life of your dreams. Here they are:

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