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Krista is CEO & Founder of Make Your Mark. As a business strategist and coach, she partners with coaches and other entrepreneurs to serve more clients, make more money, and have more fun.
She has a MBA in marketing and is a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Her corporate background includes extensive marketing and sales experience. Most importantly, she built and sold her first "side biz" and now enjoys helping business owners to get clear about how to build their business so that they have a business that fits into their lifestyle (instead of the other way around).
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Why Your Goal to make $100K Is Crazy

Stacks of money on wooden tableWhat’s your income goal for your biz in 2014?

At what level of income will you officially proclaim to the world that your business is a success?

There’s one goal that I hear from my clients and other solopreneurs when discussing their goals that makes me cringe.  I close my eyes and put both hands over my ears when I hear:

“My goal is to make six figures this year.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE goals.  Benchmarks.  Targets.  They are incredibly powerful but this one goal, in particular, rubs me the wrong way.  It’s soooo overused.

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