Meet Emily Katz

EmilyKatzHer illustrious career has spanned decades, truly as a celebrity image designer, not just having met and perhaps worked once with the stars, but right with them creating their “looks” in an ongoing basis.

Emily is recognized as an authority on Image, Style and Beauty. Her extensive background in the Entertainment Industry gives her unique perspectives and abilities.

Her latest clients are Martin Sheen, Selma Blair and Brett Butler. She has worked with Sharon Stone, Minnie Driver, Michelle Williams, Robert Redford and Bradley Cooper among many more creating their on camera persona.

Emily now speaks internationally with the strength of her background to inform, inspire and work with us all to help polish our presentation.

She welcomes private and corporate clients who are strategically revamping their visual presence and image.

You can visit Emily at

Meet Monique Caradine

MoniqueCaradineMonique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Speaker and a thought leader on women, money and influence.

She uses her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, to help women in business be seen, make an impact and make money.

Monique has been featured on the top national media outlets including CNN, National Public Radio, FOX News, ESSENCE Magazine, SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio, the Chicago Tribune, Black and many more.

Her international roster of clients includes globally recognized brands such as INC. Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, the National PTA, United Way, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and Nielsen.

Having mentored dozens of entrepreneurs on how to become influential high-earners, Monique is now seen as one of the most respected experts in the coaching industry when it comes to Visibility and Money.

Monique is a mom and wife who now lives full-time on the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico.

You can visit Monique at

Meet Kricket Harrison

Kricket.Harrison_0357FWKricket Harrison is a professional speaker, trainer, business productivity coach and the author of Focus to the Finish Line, 5 Steps to Follow-Through and Finally Make Money. She utilizes cutting-edge training, knowledge and personal experience to help her clients maximize their potential by developing strategies for success based on individual learning styles. Kricket helps clients get focused and finish what they start.

Through her work with individual clients, Kricket identified that within traditional business systems, many talented and innovative individuals didn’t “fit in” – and the harder they tried to do so, the more they (and their business) shut down. She knew that these creative and innovative individuals not only needed permission to work in their own way, they also needed help to create strategies and structures to support their unique working style.

Kricket is known for her dynamic and interactive presentations. Understanding that creative thinkers need space to process and create, she delivers engaging workshops that are both informative and entertaining, often to standing room only crowds. Kricket has been featured in Forbes Woman Online and interviewed by USA Today. Speaking engagements include small businesses, networking groups, radio interviews, telesummits and national conferences.

You can visit Kricket at

Meet Kathy Sciere

KathySciereKathy Sciere is a Media and Communications Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and On-Air TV Personalities. She uses her major media expertise to teach how easy it is to create massive momentum in your business using the power of the media to raise your visibility and credibility, so you can attract more ideal clients, have a bigger impact and make a ton of money faster than you thought possible!

She believes getting media exposure should be a positive experience, where your message and your true self meet. She takes motivated entrepreneurs and effectively trains them until their message becomes second nature, ready for any opportunity that arises. That means they never get caught off guard, and that’s media ready.

Kathy is a multiple Emmy award winning television producer with more than 20 years of experience as a producer and executive at some of the most prestigious networks in the world, including CBS and NBC, working with Lesley Stahl and Bob Simon of 60 Minutes as well as Dan Rather and Brian Williams. In her first venture as an entrepreneur, she co-founded a multiple 7-figure independent television production company in NYC, which produced programs for cable networks including Bravo, MSNBC, Food Network, HGTV, and Lifetime.

Visit Kathy at

What Authenticity Teaches Us for Business

differentiateAuthenticity became quite a buzz word recently, also related to marketing, selling and business in general. It is a widespread principle. Its meaning is about how well we manage our inside world within the struggles we experience in the outside world while trying to stay true to what really matters to us.

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Are you a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur?

MultiPassionateMulti-passionate entrepreneur.

Maybe you’ve heard of “those”?

Especially if you’re involved in the online business/blog world there’s a chance you have.

If you follow Marie Forleo or watch Marie TV, you’ll know what it means.

Maybe, like Marie, you are one.

But just in case you’re going “what’s she on about…?” I’ll explain:

First, what is multi-passionate?

Multi-passionate is a type of personality. Just like you can be introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

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5 Steps to Unleash Your Feminine Genius

boxing business womanYou are visionary, multi-passionate, with an entrepreneurial spirit. You have a big vision for making the world a better place.

But something’s not quite right. You make progress, then hit a roadblock. You’ve spent thousands of dollars learning how to run a successful business, but you’re not doing the things you know you need to do. What’s up with that?

I’ve identified five essential steps that ALL need to be in place in order for you to successfully create the business and life of your dreams. Here they are:

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Neuromarketing 101

ideal-clientsWhat’s better than getting into your customer’s shoes?

Getting into their head.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ cognitive, sensory and affective response to marketing stimuli.

Now before you start thinking that this is some sort of brainwashing scam, remember this: most of the time neuromarketing is simply backing up what marketers have believed for years about consumer behaviour. The field of neuromarketing is not about controlling the consumer’s mind; it is about understanding how it works and how that affects their buying behaviour. Neuromarketing basically taps into the way the brain naturally reacts and
behaves. Note: this is an extremely simplified view around the ethics of neuromarketing, there is much more available to read on this topic as a quick Google search will show you.

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7 Healthy Money Habits You Must Develop Today

Elegant business woman with pile of moneyAs a conscious woman entrepreneur, you desire to make a real difference in the world. However, research shows that 46% of start-ups fail due to a poor money relationship. It’s tricky to live your purpose if you don’t know how to bring in sufficient funds consistently.

Fortunately, the good news is that you can make your purposeful business sustainable. Even if you are losing sleep due to financial stress right now, let me assure you, money mindset and skills can be learned. You just need to shift your perspective and develop the following habits.

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Why Your Goal to make $100K Is Crazy

Stacks of money on wooden tableWhat’s your income goal for your biz in 2014?

At what level of income will you officially proclaim to the world that your business is a success?

There’s one goal that I hear from my clients and other solopreneurs when discussing their goals that makes me cringe.  I close my eyes and put both hands over my ears when I hear:

“My goal is to make six figures this year.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE goals.  Benchmarks.  Targets.  They are incredibly powerful but this one goal, in particular, rubs me the wrong way.  It’s soooo overused.

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