Meet Rhonda Ryder

Meet Rhonda Ryder

Rhonda Nov 2013Rhonda left the corporate world in 2003 where she worked as a copywriter for over 15 years in companies like Tupperware, Muzak and Global Travel International to start her own copy-writing and marketing company. Since then, she has written sales copy and video scripts for numerous New York Times best selling authors including Mark Victor Hansen and 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs. In addition, she created her own successful websites in the health and parenting niches.

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Meet Joanne McCall

Meet Joanne McCall

JoAnne McCallJoanne McCall created Joanne’s Media Boot Camp to help entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, speakers and authors to go much bigger. Those who feel like they’re the best-kept secret out there, and those who are successful in their businesses but want to take it up a few more notches, get the specialized training and confidence to land the big guns: Top tier national media.

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3 Tips to Make Happiness Happen in Your Business and Life

You probably know by now that I love wacky holidays, uncommon celebrations, and thought-provoking observances.  Well today we are celebrating International Happiness Day! In celebration, I’m bringing out a post I wrote a few years 1994-08-033 002ago on the topic of happiness.

I’m sure we have all seen  “sh*t happens” t-shirts and bumper stickers around (as if we need reminders that bad things happen).  Truthfully, that is the last thing we need to focus on.  Happiness happens but it doesn’t happen unless you make a conscious decision and take action to make it happen.  This is the secret to true happiness.

Here are my top 3 tips for making happiness happen in your business and life:

1. Do what you love.

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3 Reasons Why You DO Need a Website

Have you heard that you don’t need a website?

Guess what. You actually do need a website.  http Address

Can you make money in your business without a website? Yes. Can you make more money with a website? Absolutely!

If you’re just starting out in business, don’t worry if you don’t have your site set up yet.  You can still get clients from speaking and networking while your site is being built. If you’ve been in business for a while and don’t have a website up, you need to worry. It is easier than ever to get  a high quality site up, so what’s stopping you?  If you don’t have even the most basic brochure type of website set up you are definitely leaving money on the table and not making as many sales as you could be.

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Words You Should and Shouldn’t Use in Sales Conversations

The words you choose to use matter. Words are very powerful.  In, fact the words that you use may positively or negatively impact your Mutesales.

You have probably heard at some point that people buy things based on emotion and then justify their purchase with logical reasons.

In every sales conversation, the buyer holds some degree of ambivalence around making a buying decision.  On one hand they want the promised outcome, but on the other hand, it is going to cost them something (money, time, energy, etc), so there is some fear and worry around making the right decision.

Emotions can either pull a potential client towards working with you or sway them in the opposite direction. Every word that you say elicits some sort of emotion, either positive or negative. Because of this, it is important to be mindful of using words that elicit positive emotions toward working with you and avoid using words that evoke negative emotions.

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Sell the Finished Product Not the Bits and Pieces

I’m sure you’ve been told or at least heard the phrase, “Sell benefits not features.” Well, I’d like to take it one step further.  Not only do youtoyparts want to focus on selling benefits, you also need to focus on selling the finished product or end result.  Benefits are only benefits if they somehow support achieving the desired outcome.

I have 3 little girls and one thing that I’ve noticed is how good toy companies are at selling the finished product.  Whenever we buy some toy, whether it’s a doll house or a bicycle, it comes in a package with all these bits and pieces that need to be assembled.  The picture on the box, however, always shows the finished product.  The bicycle on display, is always “road-ready.” Why? Because we buy the finished product.  Toy companies know that they can’t leave it to our imaginations to visualize the potential within all of the bits and pieces, how the bits and pieces fit together, or why we even need all of those parts.  Therefore, they focus on the finished product.

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How NOT to Get Repeat Business

I’ll be blunt here.  A lot of marketing strategies I see are down right unethical.  Sure, they “work.” And by work, I mean they manipulate Sleazy salesman pointingpeople into opening up their wallets and buying things.  They will help you get sales in the short-term but they don’t help you build a loyal and intelligent client base who loves doing business with you over and over again.

In contrast, manipulative marketing strategies and high-pressure sales tactics fill your business or practice with desperate people who buy out of fear. This often sets up a very “co-dependent” type of  business relationship.  I’ve seen this more times then I can count in the business coaching industry.  It is no wonder that helping professionals feel so icky when they think about marketing and sales.

The good news is that marketing and sales don’t have to be slimey acts against your prospects and clients.  In fact, when done correctly, they are  great services that you do FOR your clients and prospects. 

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Don’t Flake Out on the Follow Up

Over the years, I’ve met a boatload of women entrepreneurs that spend a lot of time networking each week and speaking to different groups and organizations only to wind up with a less-than-ideal number of clients. womanatbar

If you’ve been reading my writing for any length of time, you might know that I consider speaking and networking to be high-octane marketing strategies. High-octane marketing strategies are strategies that quickly result in leads that turn into paying clients. So why do I see so many service-based business owners struggling to get clients this way.  The answer is simple: lack of follow up and follow through.

Imagine this …

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Don’t Worry About Beating the Competition

If you’ve been in the business world for longer than 30 seconds, you’ve probably heard a lot about how you need to differentiate yourself from the boxing business womancompetition or even “beat” your competition.  In fact, many business owners spend a lot of time thinking about what makes them different from their “competition.”  I’ve encountered numerous sales people who have tried to sell products and services by beating the competition to a bloody pulp.  You see this a lot with political ad campaigns, but it happens in the business world, too.  Instead of focusing on their own benefits and results, they are focusing on the other party’s weaknesses to make them look better.

It’s no wonder so many people struggle with marketing and sales.  I can’t think of any mission-driven entrepreneurs that would categorize themselves as a sleazy salesperson or mud-slinging politician.  This “beat the competition” mentality is just not aligned with business owners who’s main focus is truly helping people.

Selling is serving, not a boxing match.

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3 Ways to Get Your Clients to Refer You to Others

When done right, I consider referral marketing to be a High-Octane marketing strategy. One of the best ways to generate leads that actually turn into paying clients is getting referrals from existing clients.  Referrals are more likely to doGiving a business card business with you because you have a head start in building the “Know, Like, and Trust Factor,” as well as social proof.

In addition to that, your referral has already been through a bit of pre-qualifying by your existing client who understands your work and also has some level of insight into this person’s situation.

Your existing clients can be a very valuable asset in generating new business. No other marketing method is as compelling as a happy client.

So how do you get your clients to tell others about you?

Here are my top 3 ways to get your clients to refer you to others:

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