BrightFire VIP Program

A BrightFire™ VIP Program is a unique opportunity to spend the day with Tiffany deSilva developing a successful and profitable business that allows you to serve more people, make more money, and change more lives.

Each BrightFire™ VIP Program is customized to meet YOUR specific goals and needs. You will walk away with individualized business, marketing, and sales strategies that you can implement FAST.

Our VIP Program is an intense, power-packed program focused on designing your business for red-hot success, leveraging your GIFTS, maximizing your profits, and making your goals a reality. The BrightFire VIP Program is right for you if you want to make a BIG breakthrough in your business FAST!

The BrightFire VIP Program includes:

  • 1 half day Virtual VIP Day session via telephone/webcast (lasts up to 4 hours)
  • 2 30 minute phone follow-up sessions to help you implement your plan and achieve your goals (scheduled after your VIP Day session, 2 weeks apart)
  • Email Q & A access for 30 days after your scheduled VIP Day session

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