Neuromarketing 101

ideal-clientsWhat’s better than getting into your customer’s shoes?

Getting into their head.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ cognitive, sensory and affective response to marketing stimuli.

Now before you start thinking that this is some sort of brainwashing scam, remember this: most of the time neuromarketing is simply backing up what marketers have believed for years about consumer behaviour. The field of neuromarketing is not about controlling the consumer’s mind; it is about understanding how it works and how that affects their buying behaviour. Neuromarketing basically taps into the way the brain naturally reacts and
behaves. Note: this is an extremely simplified view around the ethics of neuromarketing, there is much more available to read on this topic as a quick Google search will show you.

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5 Tips for Making the Most of Networking

I consider networking to be a “high-octane” marketing strategy. Networking is a highly effective way to build relationships and grow your businesswoman having fun conversation with colleague during breabusiness quickly. It is very difficult to grow your business if you are not well-connected.

Despite this fact, many entrepreneurs despise networking and do not experience its full benefits. Most of the time, they aren’t seeing the benefits of networking because they have a weak link in their networking approach.

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3 Reasons Why You DO Need a Website

Have you heard that you don’t need a website?

Guess what. You actually do need a website.  http Address

Can you make money in your business without a website? Yes. Can you make more money with a website? Absolutely!

If you’re just starting out in business, don’t worry if you don’t have your site set up yet.  You can still get clients from speaking and networking while your site is being built. If you’ve been in business for a while and don’t have a website up, you need to worry. It is easier than ever to get  a high quality site up, so what’s stopping you?  If you don’t have even the most basic brochure type of website set up you are definitely leaving money on the table and not making as many sales as you could be.

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How NOT to Get Repeat Business

I’ll be blunt here.  A lot of marketing strategies I see are down right unethical.  Sure, they “work.” And by work, I mean they manipulate Sleazy salesman pointingpeople into opening up their wallets and buying things.  They will help you get sales in the short-term but they don’t help you build a loyal and intelligent client base who loves doing business with you over and over again.

In contrast, manipulative marketing strategies and high-pressure sales tactics fill your business or practice with desperate people who buy out of fear. This often sets up a very “co-dependent” type of  business relationship.  I’ve seen this more times then I can count in the business coaching industry.  It is no wonder that helping professionals feel so icky when they think about marketing and sales.

The good news is that marketing and sales don’t have to be slimey acts against your prospects and clients.  In fact, when done correctly, they are  great services that you do FOR your clients and prospects. 

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3 Ways to Get Your Clients to Refer You to Others

When done right, I consider referral marketing to be a High-Octane marketing strategy. One of the best ways to generate leads that actually turn into paying clients is getting referrals from existing clients.  Referrals are more likely to doGiving a business card business with you because you have a head start in building the “Know, Like, and Trust Factor,” as well as social proof.

In addition to that, your referral has already been through a bit of pre-qualifying by your existing client who understands your work and also has some level of insight into this person’s situation.

Your existing clients can be a very valuable asset in generating new business. No other marketing method is as compelling as a happy client.

So how do you get your clients to tell others about you?

Here are my top 3 ways to get your clients to refer you to others:

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Speak for Free to Boost Your Revenue

I consider speaking to be one of my “high-octane” marketing strategies.  In fact, I recommend that all of my clients incorporate speaking into the Businessman Delivering Presentation At Conferencemarketing and sales process.  While it’s really cool to get paid a fee for speaking, often, you can boost your revenue even more with a free speaking gig.  This is especially true  if you get to collect leads, make an offer, or sell your books or products at the back of the room.

As with anything in business, it does require you to approach it with a sound strategy.

Here are my top 5 tips to boost revenue speaking for free:

1) Craft a signature talk that delivers value.

Don’t just get up and deliver a sales pitch for your services. Think of your signature talk as the very first entry level program people get to experience with you. Cover a topic that is related to your services, give them a few tips and then tell them what they still need to know, learn, or do. Then give them a resource to help them do that (preferably one of yours).

2) Know what you want.

Before you ever step onto a stage, you need to know what outcome you want to achieve and what your offer is going to be.  You need to figure out if you want to collect leads, sign people up for strategy sessions, sell your book, get people into a program, etc.  Once you know your desired outcome, you can craft your talk and your offer to support achieving that result.

3) Choose your audience well.

Obviously you want to speak to people who may actually purchase your product or service one day.  Choose groups that are full of your ideal clients.  You may also choose to speak to a group of your ideal referral sources.  Either way, you still need to know what your desired outcome is so that you can make an offer to get it.

4) Always make an offer.

An offer is simply an invitation to take the relationship one step further.  It can be a free offer like a quiz or downloadable audio, or it can be a paid offer like a coaching program.  Whenever you speak for free, you should always ask to make some type of offer.  While you may not be able to make a paid offer, most organizers will allow you to make a free offer if you position it as a resource that will truly provide value for their audience.  This is a great way to collect leads.

5) Stick around once you’re done.

Always try to hang out a bit after your presentation even if you’re not selling anything in the back of the room.  Audience members and even organizers will always come up to you to discuss your talk.  This allows you to make an even deeper connection with those who are really interested in what you have to say.  These are great prospects to book into strategy sessions at a later date. You don’t need to try to sell your services on the spot, but you do need to schedule a time to follow-up.

I would love to hear your thoughts on speaking for free.  Please leave your comments below.





5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Promote Yourself

I wrote these tips about 2 years ago, but I thought this is the perfect time to bring them out again. Why? Because September is “Shameless Self-Promotion Month!”
While that may not sound appealing to you, self-promotion is crucial to your success as a small business owner.  After all, if you don’t Sales4ULicensePlatepromote yourself, who else is going to?

Don’t worry, self-promotion doesn’t have to be “in your face” or obnoxious.

In fact, I’m sharing some of my favorite subtle, though “out-of-the-box,” promo ideas that most people never think of doing.

  1. Grab your business cards and head to the library. When I first started my business I bought a bunch of business cards that I really didn’t care for so I quickly ordered new ones.  Not wanting to trash 250 perfectly good business cards, I came up with the bright idea to stick them in library books.  Not just any library books.  I had checked out about 50 books that were related to my expertise.   Two years later, I was still getting clients saying they saw my business card in a library book.

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Are You Afraid of Being Braggadocious?

In order to master sales, you have to be able to confidently tell people about what you do.

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of attending the NAWBO Columbus “Good to Great” Program.  It was a wonderful opportunity to connect loud kidwith some fabulous local women business owners who are committed to success.

Each table at the event focused on a different business building topic.  I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Tonya Stalnaker-Tigget of Speak Our Language at my table leading a discussion on “How to Toot Your Own Horn.”  Tooting your own horn is something that many women business owners struggle with.  It really is unfortunate because so much of your sales and business success depends on your ability to “toot your own horn” or at least demonstrate the value that you have to offer.

We often worry about looking like a braggart or making others feel bad because they’re not as successful. Or, we may feel like our successes aren’t big enough to toot.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of women entrepreneurs  who are really struggling to get clients. Often, they can’t seem to generate enough quality leads to sustain their business and increase their sales. It’s not because they have some type of character flaw.  And it’s not because they aren’t working their butts off—believe me, they are. In fact, they are working really hard at marketing, but they are still struggling with getting clients. It’s enough to make them want to pull their hair out!Pullinghairout

After working with many of them, I’ve noticed there are several common factors that lead to ineffective marketing. If you’re struggling to generate hot leads, maybe you’re dealing with these, too.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working:

  1. You’re not marketing to your ideal clients. In social work school, the first thing they teach you is to “meet your client where they’re at.”  You have to do the same thing in marketing.  Not only do you have to speak their language and hone in on their desires and challenges, but you also have to physically “meet them where they’re at.” You have to hang out where your ideal clients hang out.  Speak where they listen, write where they read, and teach where they learn.

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3 Simple Ways to Get Clients Fast, Even if You Don’t Have a List

Last week I spoke to several women entrepreneurs who were really struggling to get new clients.  They all needed a client fast in order to make ends meet.  This scenario is not uncommon.  If you’re just starting out, or your marketing is fairly inconsistent, you’ll find that your income may have a lot of highs and lows.

Increasing your sales and creating a steady income requires that you market strategically and consistently.  Marketing and sales is more like farming than it is like hunting.  You don’t want to be in the position of chasing down potential clients whenever you need to eat.  Instead, you want to cultivate a steady stream of leads, nurture them, and when the time is right, invite them to do business with you.

However, if you’re just starting out, or you haven’t been consistently marketing and adding leads to your list, you might be stumped when it comes to finding prospective clients.

When business owners come to me and they need to get a client ASAP, we focus on what I like to call, “High-Octane” marketing strategies.  These strategies are high-touch (not high-tech) and deliver high-impact results in a flash!  The focus is on generating hot leads that easily convert into paying clients.

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Get Clients Fast, Even if You Don’t Have a List:

1) Speak for free.  One of the fastest ways to get a new client is to speak to a group of your ideal clients.  Figure out what organizations your ideal client belongs to and call them to schedule a speaking engagement.  Many organizations will likely be booked if you are calling on a short notice, so don’t expect to speak that same week.  Instead, offer to host a special event or teleclass within 2 to 4 weeks.  This will give you time to prepare and the group

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