Debunking Myths in List Building: The Chicken or the Egg

This article is written by BrightFire Expert, Erika Watson. 

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Most entrepreneurs understand that in order to serve more people, generate more revenue, and thereby create a lucrative purpose driven business, theyChicken and Egg need to  grow their list.  This is where they move to a screaming halt. For years I’ve watched online coaches, experts, and trainers struggle to connect with their ideal clients.  Many have gone down in flames, questioning their ability  to “make it,” questioning their leadership, questioning their message.  Here’s what I tell my clients over and over again, “It’s not YOU.”  It’s your reach; and creating partnerships is the number one leveraged way to share your message, build your list, and generate 6 figures and beyond, quickly.

Having spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I am already prepared for their next questions:

1. “Aren’t partnerships only for big product launches?” and 2. “Don’t I need a big list to have others promote me?”

They have woven themselves into the age-old paradoxical question, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?”  I love this part. The truth is yes and no.  My job is to focus on the no and help you create partnerships that exponentially grow your list so you can create the life and business you love.

When you know how to support your ideal partners, they will promote your work, regardless of your list size.  In order to move beyond the no, you must expand the vacuum in which partnerships are created and embody the fullness of your impact.  your list of 10,000 that you are working towards in the future is till connected to you today.  Be confident.  Positioning yourself, and more importantly, them in your communication, is everything.

Secondly, you must uncover the several channels that informaition and value is shared, more than through an email promotion.  Guest blogging, featured interviews, socail media spotlights, newsletter content, YouTube channels, etc. are just a few ways that you can get in front of someone else’s audience or allow a partner to deliver their content to your audience.  Busy entrepreneurs love support on delivering rich content that keeps their audience engaged.  Broadening these possibilities of service increases your chances of list building.

Thirdly, come from a place of generosity and service.  Always approach potential partners from a place of genuine contribution to them, even when you are asking for a promotion.  When you are clear in how you can help them grow their business they are more likely to be open to supporting you.  Again, I’m going to ask you to stretch your understanding of what is valuable support in partnership.  Even in the beginning stages of your business, you have immense value.

We would love to hear how you plan to incorporate partnerships in your business, so feel free to leave your comments below.

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About Erika Watson

Erika Watson, partners with founder, Deborah Skye King, in Soul Therapy International, has followed her calling to end the suffering and separation felt in the world through the empowerment of women globally. Recognizing that business is one of the greatest spiritual practices of all times, Erika continues to work with entrepreneurs to create and deliver purpose driven 6 & 7 figure businesses that generate deep healing, impact, and prosperity on the planet. Partnership, she proclaims, is not only the fastest way to achieving the impact and freedom one desires in their life and business, but ultimately is the vessel to tapping into universal abundance and self-acutalization, while dissolving the lines of separation, fear, and competition; harmonizing the planet. Erika is the creator of Affliate-Partnerships 2.0, the 6-month mentorship program Empowered Partnershps, and the on-going interview series Giving Rise to the Voice Within. To learn who your ideal partners are, as well as how you can connect with a level of professionalism that opens doors instead of closes oppotunities, check out Erika and Deborah’s complimentary series, Empowered Partnerships: Strategies that Change Lives and Build Fortunes at




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Feedback & Comments:

  1. So good to read a post about the importance of leverage and list building. I don’t think that ever ends for those of us in business online.

  2. I like the list of alternate ways to get a partner interested in you. good points.

  3. Good points about not going it alone!

  4. Great information about the need to create reach through partnerships! Thanks Tiffany!

  5. Great guest post by Erika. Partnerships are KEY.

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  6. I think the importance of generosity and service is paramount and is so in alignment with my personal values. The more I am “in service” my customers keep coming back again and again. Thanks for this post!

  7. Tiffany, thank you – great article. I LOVE that you remind folks to come from a place of “generosity and service”, and also not to rely simply on email promotions. Great advice for entrepreneurs!.

  8. This was something I learned the hard way and am now constantly looking for partnerships in all sorts of ways!

  9. Tiffany,
    Lists are important for many reasons it is so true.
    It is critical to blend this in with a total marketing plan.

  10. Growing your list is important, but it’s more important to have an engaged and responsive list than a big list that doesn’t pay attention!

    I agree that partnerships are a great way to expand your reach … but I have learned to be much more discerning about who I partner with and what I partner with them for …

    • I totally agree with you, Jennifer. I know quite a few people with big bloated, unresponsive lists. Those really aren’t of service to anyone really. The number isn’t as important as engaging your audience, but if you want to grow your business, you should make adding the right people to your community a priority. And yes, the first step in creating truly powerful partnerships is to carefully choose partners who are aligned with you, your audience, your business, your mission and your values. I’m looking forward to the interview with Erika because I know she likes to dive into this topic. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

    • Erika Watson says:

      Jennifer! Yes, Absolutely! I teach my clients to get really clear about numbers and what they mean and how they can provide invaluable information regarding what how your marketing in your business. It doesn’t matter how big someone’s list size is, if someone is not opening the email they will never get the messages! We will be talking about this and value based marketing on the call for higher engagement so be sure to join us!

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