Meet Aprille Trupiano

Meet Aprille Trupiano

BrightFire-Expert-Aprille-TrupianoAprille Trupiano, International Expert on Leadership, Speaker, Author, Radio & TV Show Host, is described by clients as being bold, high energy, vivacious and dedicated. Her TV program “Streetscape Show” can be seen on ABC 30, local television as well as YouTube. Her second TV program “St. Louis Presents” can also be seen on local television and YouTube. Aprille is also a published author working on her 2nd book, “Click! Leadership Secrets to Thrive in Your Business and Love Your Life”.

How Aprille Is Impacting the World

An entrepreneur since the age of 20, Aprille has built enterprises, even growing them from the ground up into six and seven figure businesses. Aprille’s lived in the US and Italy, where she’s delivered training for private clients, small organizations, mid to large sized companies and governmental agencies. Her practical mix of how-to and high dose of inspiration leaves people empowered and effective, causing many to call her “the Italian Oprah”. Her proven systems catapult clients to the extraordinary in their business and the miraculous in their life, so they make more money and have fun doing it. As they develop in their Vision, Leadership and Legacy, Aprille’s clients thrive in their business and love their life!


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