Meet Carolyn Herfurth

Meet Carolyn Herfurth

After helping launch 100 businesses in seven years, Carolyn Herfurth felt helpless as she watched 80% of her clients struggle with sales and saw the havoc it wreaked on their personal, financial and business lives.

Fed up with the plethora of super talented business owners who struggle with selling, she walked away from her multiple six-figure business to start The Biztruth, and is on a mission to equip service-based entrepreneurs with the confidence and skills to double their closing rates and multiply earnings.

How Carolyn Is Impacting the World

As an author, speaker, and business development expert, her primary focus is on teaching entrepreneurs how to build the know, like, trust, buy factor so you make the most of every sales opportunity and land the clients who need you most.

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About Tiffany deSilva

Tiffany deSilva is the founder, CEO, and visionary leader of BrightFire Women’s Business Network, LLC.

BrightFire Women’s Business Network is the premiere sales training and coaching resource for service-based women entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales, serve more people, and change more lives.

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