Meet Claudia Sandman

Meet Claudia Sandman

Claudia Sandman has known just about every aspect of the design world. She went to art school on a design scholarship, worked her way through the ranks at prestigious agencies, rode the design wave of the boom, and currently owns a successful design and visual branding business, OOMPH Design. After 17 years in the industry, she keeps coming back for one reason: the joy she gets from seeing how strategic design can energize and delight a client — and help them get the results they are looking for.

How Claudia Is Impacting the World

As a visual branding specialist and graphic designer, Claudia works with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits to strategically design a brand identity that is aligned with and communicates their company’s unique selling proposition, personality, and passion. She knows that in the blink of an eye, your brand speaks volumes, communicating exactly what you’re about and which clients you want to attract. That’s why she designs brands that function like visual homing devices — zeroing in on your ideal clients and speaking directly to them. She’s worked across industries, from industrial to healthcare to furniture, for both large and small companies. Some of her clients include Neilson Catalina Solutions, Link Training,, HealthBridge and Deliberate Careers.

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