Meet Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler

Meet Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler

DeborahBolandandJoJamiTyler-2-150x150Known as the “The Glam Gals,” Deborah and JoJami have a wealth of experience helping women up-level their style.  With over 20 years’ experience in television, fashion and public relations they understand exactly what it takes to create a winning image.

How Deborah and JoJami Are Impacting the World

As the Leading Style Experts for women over 40, and hosts of Fabulous after 40, they can help you look and dress more chic and feel better about yourself and how you present to the world! The end result, you’ll turn heads and radiate class and confidence. This can help you be successful in all areas of your life by attracting the right opportunities so you can step into the lifestyle you deserve.



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