Meet Jackie Maclean

Jackie MacLean

Meet Jackie Maclean

Jackie Maclean, Weight Loss Success Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, works with people who are 50 pounds or more over their ideal weight, who have tried everything to lose weight (including diets, pills, and even surgery), and are now frustrated and looking for a safe alternative with no side effects.  Jackie specializes in helping her clients to let go of their last 10 lbs without diets and pills, and while still enjoying 3 meals a day.  To learn more about Jackie’s work, visit or

Another Way Jackie is Impacting the World

Jackie says, “I am glad I took inspired action a year ago and decided to feed the hungry and homeless in my neck of the woods– Vancouver, British Columbia. July 29 marked our one-year anniversary.”

Under Jackie’s leadership, volunteers come together to prepare sandwiches and feed the hungry. The people they serve are impoverished—often struggling with mental illness, street drugs, or simply down on their luck. Jackie, along with volunteers, feeds them once a month — the last Sunday of each month.

When she first started, she began with 3 volunteers making nearly 500 sandwiches. Today they have grown to making 1000 sandwiches and also delivering water and fruit from donations Jackie receives.

To learn more about the work Jackie does and how you can help feed the Homeless on Hastings, please visit Jackie’s website at

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