Meet Kyra Howell

Meet Kyra Howell

Kyra Howell is your Abundant Action coach, a money maven and philanthropy consultant, and an attorney for the past 15 years. After graduating from Fordham Law School in New York, Kyra enjoyed a successful career that included advising the CEO of a New York entertainment company, leading a celebrity non-profit focused on the solvency of Federal programs, and testifying before Congress on the Balanced Budget Amendment. After New York, Kyra moved to the DC metro area to work on Capitol Hill, and due to her knack for numbers in the electoral process, ultimately was tapped as an expert commentator on national and international television.

How Kyra is Making a Difference

In 2005 after the birth of her first son, Kyra left behind the safe world of being employed to embark on her journey as an entrepreneur, opening her own law firm in the Virginia countryside. Soon afterwards, Kyra created her own cash-flow systems for managing the allocation of her firm’s revenues that allowed her to take her small town practice to multiple locations and multiple six figures.

Kyra is passionate in helping other entrepreneurs achieve success through an abundant mindset, a clear money pathway, and creating a life of meaning. Helping heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs make more money while making a difference is at the heart of Kyra’s companies, The Business of Abundance and .

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