Meet Yolanda Allwood


Meet Yolanda Allwood

Yolanda AllwoodYolanda is a parent mentor for families with children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. She helps parents navigate through the sense of overwhelm and fear that often occurs after learning their child has been diagnosed with developmental differences. Through empowerment, parents become confident in making decisions regarding treatments and therapies for their children. She says, “It is important that parents feel equipped to implement care plans that allow them the autonomy to parent as they see fit.”

As a parent of a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Yolanda understands firsthand the challenges and joys of parenting children with developmental differences.

Yolanda states, “We must feel the fear and become empowered in order to embrace and advocate for our children’s unique needs. I absolutely love what I do because every day I have the opportunity to connect with parents locally or as far as New Zealand! It feels awesome to be part of a family’s support team and make an impact that hopefully benefits them for a lifetime.”

Other Ways Yolanda is Changing Lives

Yolanda also serves as a volunteer parent mentor for TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) and through her  local school district.

Yolanda says, “Volunteering is a manifestation of my gratitude for the chance to do this work. The parents and caregivers I connect with courageously invite me into their lives and it is very fulfilling to offer guidance, support and a when needed…a hug.”

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