BrightFire Events

BrightFire Events

BrightFire Networking on Fire

Live Networking

At BrightFire, we fuel each other.  Our motto is, “Together, we each grow stronger. Together, we each shine brighter. Together, we ‘set the world on fire!’” Our monthly live networking event is a fantastic way to meet other Bold and Fiery women entrepreneurs, build powerful relationships, boost your business, and broaden your reach.

Our meetings are structured so that you get exactly what you need.  You will love our fun and highly effective “BrightFire” approach to networking.

Join us for fabulous speakers, great food, and unparalleled networking opportunities!


  • Happens When? Every third Tuesday of the month
  • At What Time? 11: 30 AM to 1:30 PM
  • Where? Central Ohio.

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BrightFire Expert Calls

Virtual Training

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from our BrightFire Experts!  Every fourth Tuesday of the month, Tiffany deSilva and a BrightFire Expert discuss a specific business topic that will help you on your journey to making great money and making difference.

  • Happens When? Every fourth Tuesday of the month
  • At What Time? 7 PM Eastern to 8:00 PM Eastern
  • Where? Via Teleconference, Webcast, or Skype

(Check Upcoming Events for more details)

BrightFire Ignite

National Live Event

We’re on a mission to bring together women entrepreneurs from all over the globe, live and in person so we can “set the world on fire.”  BrightFire ignite is our annual live event to bring together all BrightFire Women in one place so we can inspire each other and exponentially increase our impact.

Stay tuned for more details.

Upcoming BrightFire Events

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