Discover How to Exponentially Increase Your Profits,
Serve More of the Clients You are Meant to Serve,
and Make a Massive Positive Impact on the World!


Join Us for a “Behind-the-Scenes” Peek as Savvy Mission-Centered Marketing and Business Experts Reveal Their SureFire Systems, Strategies and Secrets to Expand Your Reach, Magnetically Attract and Serve Your Ideal Clients, Earn More Money and Make a Bigger Difference!

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

You clicked on this page because you are on a mission to create a business that matters.
You are exactly where you are meant to be if:

  • You know you could help tons of people with the work that you do but you would love some help with finding clients.
  • You wish your profits were more consistent because one month you’re up and the next month you’re down.
  • You feel like you’re working extremely hard but your bank account doesn’t show it.
  • You know that you need to market and sell your services more effectively but you’re not sure how.
  • You yearn to create a highly profitable business and make a difference in the lives of those you are meant to serve?

If you can relate to any of these, then you are in the right place … Here’s the #1 Secret to Quickly Increase Your Profits and Make a Lasting Positive Impact:

Here’s the #1 Secret to Quickly Increase Your Profits and Make a Lasting Positive Impact:

Market Your Mission and Spread Your Message to Ignite Action

If you’re like most socially-conscious, service-based entrepreneurs you started your own business because you have a deep desire to help others, to improve your community, and to ultimately make the world a better place.

You want to make a great living doing what you love and contribute to the greater good.

Unfortunately, your business didn’t come with an owner’s manual on how to do this and with today’s world of social media, online marketing, mobile marketing, and everything else you feel you should be doing, it’s difficult to put together and implement a plan of action that allows you to expand your reach and engage with clients who need your services.

It takes much more than a website and a yellow page ad to draw clients in and build a business worth talking about.

To build a profitable and sustainable business you have to stand out from the crowd, inspire your prospective customers, and build solid long-lasting relationships with your ideal clients, colleagues, and referral partners.

Without the ability to market your mission effectively and to ignite others into action with your message, your business will not be powerfully profitable or impactful—in fact your business probably won’t survive.

That’s Why 17 Innovative Women Entrepreneurs Have Joined Together During the Profits and Impact Virtual Intensive to Walk You Through Each Stage of Maximizing Your Profits and Impact

Particpation is FREE

That’s right–its FREE! The expert speakers in the Profits and Impact Virtual Retreat have graciously agreed to give you their time at no charge, so be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity right now!

You’ll Learn the 4 Key Stages of Maximizing Your Profits and Impact


Stage 1
Declare Your Mission
Purposefully Build Your Business Based on Your Unique GIFTS,
Who You Are, and Whom You Are Meant to Serve

Stage 2
Package Your Passion
Create a Solid Profit Structure for Sustainable Success

Stage 3
Market Your Mission and Spread Your Message
Expand Your Reach, Inspire Others, and Ignite a Firestorm
of Action

Stage 4
Set the World on Fire
Create Meaningful Long-Lasting Change


  • How to raise your visibility, gain media coverage, and get more speaking gigs that result in more clients
  • How to craft and communicate your message so that your ideal clients flock to you like moths to a flame
  • How to create powerful and profitable relationships with fellow entrepreneurs so that your business grows by leaps and bounds
  • How to use public speaking to find prospects, grow your list and attract clients with ease
  • How to get off the “cashflow” roller coaster and create consistent income high-income months
  • How to establish your expert status and solidify your role as leader in your field
  • How to overcome your discomfort  and improve your marketing and sales so that you can consistently serve the clients you are meant to
  • How to drive traffic to your website so that you are no longer the “best kept secret”
  • How to turn social media into a revenue-generating activity instead of a time drain
  • How to incorporate the spirit of collaboration into your business for infinite earning potential and wide-scale impact
  • Plus so much more!


Meet Our AMAZING BrightFire Expert Speakers!

Monday, January 14, 2013


BrightFire Expert Kristi Lynn Olson Kristi Lynn Olson

Discover your Sparkle Effect: Where Your Soul Purpose and 6-figure Success Meet

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Get clear on your goals and establish your BIG purpose first
  • Capture your unique essence by joining life experiences with gifts and talents
  • Identify and resolve obstacles that are holding you back
  • Align your BIG purpose with messages that express value to customers
  • Create a living legacy–a strong business platform that leaves your unshakeable mark on the world.


BrightFire Expert Claudia SandmanClaudia Sandman

Brand This!

Get straight talk on what a brand is and what you need to know to develop a brand that will burn your name and message into the minds of your Big “C” (Your Ideal Client, Customer, or Consumer).

During this call, you’ll learn


  • What the hell a brand is (and what it isn’t)
  • Why a brand is necessary for small businesses today
  • The 5 key elements you absolutely need to develop a powerhouse brand that will increase your profits and get your big message heard!


ebnwoTefiYIVgwL0i4w2EdKkh-do-kTJW-dVyVVS_3oLaura Kessler

Claim Your Voice in Business

Get to the root of where you are losing your full expressive power and holding back from reaching your peak potential. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to build genuine rapport and connect with your target audience by aligning your natural identity to the greater vision.
  • What outdated “rules” must be discarded in the modern media age.
  • How to speak up more and feel comfortable talking to prospects, colleagues, and the media.
  • How to stop holding back and leaving money and potential relationships on the table


BrightFire Expert Alicia Rittenhouse Alicia Rittenhouse

Technology Makes Everything Possible

Here’s what you’re learn during this call:

  • Top tech skills needed for online business
  • Setting up up a website in an hour
  • Setting up an online store that will make you money 24/7
  • Ways to build a list that is in love and creates buzz for you


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


BrightFire Expert Crystal Gifford Crystal Gifford

The LASER Wealth Treatment™: 5 keys to unlocking your time and adding massive revenue!

In this action-packed session you will learn:

  • Why you must structure your business so money keeps pouring in even while you vacation
  • The critical steps to having your clients pursue you to reinvest with you again and again
  • How to LEVERAGE the work you do today to pay you over and over and over
  • The secret to living the life you have always dreamed of now instead of waiting until “one day”
  • And most importantly, this lifestyle will be fully funded so you never have to worry about running out of time or money


BrightFire Expert J Lee GalantiJ. Lee Galanti

Rewire Your Brain: Reverse what is REALLY sabotaging your sales

Are you puzzled by your own lack of results in your business? Regardless of how hard you work, how many hours you put into your business, or marketing tactics you employ, you still just can’t seem to catch traction or gain momentum. What if there was a scientific way to determine the root of what’s “wrong”? What if you could clearly define what was standing between you and your success … plus learn ways to crush these obstacles? The good news is, there is!

During this session, you’ll discover:


  • What Neuroscience has to do with your sales results
  • The link between the brain’s neurology and your thoughts, feelings, and actions which yield your results
  • 7 Mental Zoo-zapping Tactics you need to move you forward
  • 7 Compelling Communication Triggers for boosting audience adoration & ACTION
  • Techniques that will spark your audience’s neurological hormones and get them to respond the way you desire


BrightFire Expert Tonya R. TaylorTonya R. Taylor

4 Simple Steps to Get Found, Get Leads and Get Sales from Your Website

Whether you’re just getting started with online marketing or you want to brush up on the basics, this teleseminar will serve as your essential guide to a successful online marketing strategy, step by step.

During this session, you’ll learn:


  • How to get started based on where your business is right now
  • How to to stop wasting time and create an easy online marketing plan that gets results
  • Now What! How to find out if you can make more money from your website or blog


BrightFireExpertOdetteLaurieOdette Laurie

Turn Your Ambition into a Money Making Mission!

Discover how easy it is to make money when you follow Odette’s easy to implement 3-step plan.

This powerful call will show you how to:

  • Dominate your profits so that YOU control your business finances, instead of them controlling you.
  • Nail down a 90-day plan that will enable you to identify strategies to dramatically bolster your client base and your bottom line.
  • Get you out of your own way and generate the courage, conviction and cash flow you need to succeed in building the business and life of your dreams


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


BrightFire Expert Kristin Thompson Kristin Thompson

Cash in Big with Speaking!

Discover the simple ways to turn your message into more cash, clients, and visibility!

Join us for this power packed interview and you’ll learn:


  • Why speaking is the fastest way to catapult your business & get “known” fast
  • How to double your income leveraging three different types of speaking gigs
  • Three tricks you can at FREE speaking gigs that will help you get more clients, cash, & visibility your business
  • The simple way to get more gigs
  • The Top 2 Mistakes that Will Kill back of the room sales, and how you can quickly turn it around!


BrightFire Expert Michele ScismMichele Scism

Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners are Making on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool yet it still seems to mystify entrepreneurs. Many businesses are turning away potential clients because they do not know how to use LinkedIn correctly. In this talk, Michele will share her best LinkedIn tips (and how she used LinkedIn to rapidly build her expert status and get new clients in just a few months).

During this talk you will learn:

  • Why it is time for you to get your LinkedIn marketing in gear right now (while your competitors are still in the dark)!
  • How to drive massive traffic to your website using LinkedIn
  • 3 LinkedIn tips to help you start profiting from your LinkedIn time.
  • What to do next – You have a LinkedIn profile – now what?



BrightFire Expert Aprille TrupianoAprille Trupiano

Being a Woman of Influence: How to Make Money, Make a Difference and Do It All Without Stressing

What you’ll learn:

  • The biggest misconception people have about being someone of “Influence”
  • What it means to have influence and how having it makes life easier, less stressful and more profitable!
  • The critical shifts women must make to become a Woman of Influence and how to do that
  • Ways women can start developing their influence RIGHT NOW


BrightFire Expert Kyra HowellKyra Howell

5 Ways to Multiply Your Profits with Cash Flow Smarts:

During this content-packed call, you will learn:


  • The most overlooked but essential ingredient to increasing profits
  • The basics of a profitable money pathway & how to begin building one
  • The secret to maximizing your revenues
  • How to alter your money mindset to increase your abundance

Thursday, January 17, 2013


BrightFire Expert Carolyn Herfurth Carolyn Herfurth

Art of the Ask – How to ask for and earn your prospect’s business

Over 75% of entrepreneurs claim that issues related to closing are major stumbling blocks when it comes to getting new clients. Whether it’s getting the appointment without sound pushy, unearthing your prospect’s core issues without feeling like you’re prying, or gracefully closing the business without sounding desperate — “sealing the deal” without feeling awkward is easier said than done for most entrepreneurs.

During this talk you will:

  • Learn how to turn your prospects into paying clients, one conversation at a time
  • Understand the 5 key show stoppers that are interfering with your willingness and ability to engage in sales conversations
  • Identify a surefire fix for turning around the #1 glitch that’s pushing your potential clients away
  • Learn 5 crazy simple steps for engaging and earning your prospects’ business



BrightFire Expert Ally PiperAlly Piper

From Scattered to Streamlined: Stop Fighting Fires and Start Marketing Your Business Today

As a small business owner you’re being pulled in a million different directions and probably feel like you need to change your title to firefighter. And most often, it is your marketing and growing your business that suffers as a result.

During this info-packed session, you will learn:

  • The #1 ingredient essential to building a successful business
  • 6 proven high-impact marketing methods sure to get your biz noticed
  • 4 simple steps to streamline your marketing
  • How to create a consistent marketing plan and keep it moving when life gets in the way
  • The best tools to help you automate your biz


BrightFire Expert Amethyst Wyldfyre Amethyst Wyldfyre

Come Out of Your Shell So You Can Sell! – Five Secret Steps to Feel Safe and Powerful Asking for Money!

How can you share your own wealth and become wealthy in the process? It all starts with the Inner Game of Sizzling Sales and really feeling safe and powerful asking for money. Whatever your business if you aren’t asking for money you aren’t IN business – what you have is a really expensive hobby!

During this powerful and transformative talk, you’ll learn:


  • The top three reasons why you might be struggling with selling and making lots of money
  • How to get grounded in your own truth so that you feel safe speaking and selling
  • The way to hold your power when you are asking for money
  • Why RESULTS matter and the importance of expressing the results you help people achieve clearly
  • Why Loving Yourself AND your prospects opens the doorway to the Sacred Sale
  • How to surrender to Spirit and Trust that You are Worthy Of Wealth


BrightFire Expert Erika WatsonErika Watson

Empowered Partnerships

During this call, you’ll discover:

  • Why Partnership is the fastest way to grow your business especially if you are just getting starting
  • How to feel totally confident and own your value as a partner and a leader of change
  • The best ways to connect and communicate with your ideal partners so they will say YES to promoting you

Bonus Day! Friday, January 18, 2013


BrightFire Expert Deborah Genovesi Deborah Genovesi

Be Media-Genic: Tell it to SELL It on TV & Radio!

Ready For Your Celebrity Status to Take Off? Want to Learn to “Tell It To SELL It” on TV & Radio? Join us as Deborah Genovesi teaches how to design and communicate a message that gets heard and will move audiences to action, so that you SELL as well as tell. You’ll also learn how to best play the media game while naturally being yourself on-air.

During this session you’ll learn:


  • The 5 B’s to Be Media-Genic
  • How to get quoted more often, and avoid misquotes, by speaking in “soundbites”
  • Grab media interest: making your pitches irresistible
  • Ace the interview so you become THE go-to expert that media call on again and again
  • What the media wants from you, and what they definitely do NOT want
  • Six words authors should NEVER say in an interview
  • Tips to overcome nervousness so you shine in the spotlight…and more!


DeborahBolandandJoJamiTylerDeborah Boland & JoJami Tyler

Six Secrets to a Superstar Headshot

How’s your current headshot? Does it ooze professionalism, credibility and attract clients like a magnet… Or, is it amateur and ho-hum?

In this teleseminar you will learn:


  • Which colors are so unflattering colors you should avoid them at all costs if you want to shine on-camera
  • The styles you need to wear to frame your face and look ten pounds slimmer during a photo shoot
  • Tips and Tricks for styling your hair for camera so you look youthful and modern, not old and frumpy
  • Disaster Accessories that destroy your Expert Impact
  • The Single Biggest (and easily fixable)mistake women make when it comes to creating a Superstar Headshot


Tiffany deSilvaTiffany deSilva

Maximize Your Profits and Your Impact

In this call you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the 5 common mistakes that stop women entrepreneurs from earning the income they desire and making the difference they envision
  • 4 steps to create a highly profitable business that actually matters
  • 3 simple ways

When and Where is the Event?

The event takes place January 14, 2013 through January 18, 2013 from the comfort of your home or office. Each of the 30-minute calls are a fast-paced and packed with practical tips you can use right away. ou can access the interviews via phone, skype or free internet webcast. Recordings will be available for up to 48 hours, so don’t worry if you can’t attend each session live. You won’t want to miss this business (and life) changing opportunity!

It’s Time to Increase Your Income and Make a Massive Impact!

You have the opportunity of a life-time right now!  This is your opportunity to build a highly profitable business and be the change that everyone just talks about. Take advantage of this opportunity and register right now! During the Profits and Impact Virtual Intensive, our BrightFire Expert Speakers will show you how to finally have the business you yearn to have.  All you have to do is join us! I look forward to “seeing” you soon!


Tiffany deSilva, MSW
Founder and President of BrightFire Women’s Business Network, LLC
Host of the Profits and Impact Virtual Intensive