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Tiffany deSilva’s Bio

Tiffany deSilva, founder and CEO of BrightFire Women’s Business Network, is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs around the world to create highly profitable and sustainable businesses while reshaping the world around them.  She believes that women are natural caretakers.  When women make more money, they naturally use it to do more good in their community.

She founded the BrightFire Women’s Business Network to help women entrepreneurs create financially successful and sustainable businesses that matter.

Through the BrightFire Women’s Business Network, Tiffany brings together mission-centered, passion-driven, and success-focused women entrepreneurs and connects them to the resources they need to dramatically increase their earning potential and their impact.

Through the BrightFire Eternal Flame Business model,  private coaching programs, VIP Days, virtual events, teleclasses, ebooks,  products, speaking and more, Tiffany shows women entrepreneurs how to make great money and make difference while doing what they love.

Tiffany and her work has been featured on TLC, Discovery Health, NBC, AARP Magazine, The Columbus Dispatch, WBNS-TV, and numerous newspapers, radio shows, and other media across the United States.

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