Balance Is Not a Four-Letter Word

What does the word “balance” mean to you? Balance can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I’ve noticed that many people stonesthink that life balance isn’t possible, or even desirable, because they are hung up on the word “balance.” Some folks think that balance means dividing up your time equally between work and home. I don’t know about you, but that does not sound appealing to me at all.

If you’re a left-brain, math-type, maybe you think of life balance the same way you think of balancing your check book.  Again, not much fun to me.  I guess I have a more right-brained, creative view of balance.   To me, balance is about finding your perfect mix or flow.  It’s like plant fertilizer.  If you want your orchid to grow and blossom, you have to find the right fertilizer mix for that particular plant. Orchids need the right balance, of soil, water, and sunlight to really thrive.

Work life balance is not about equalizing everything–it’s about creating harmony between your business and your personal life. 

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Establish Work-from-Home Boundaries to Boost Your Productivity and Profitability

When you work from home, it’s easy to blur the lines between “being at work” and “being at home.”  While having flexibility is great, a total lack of boundaries between work and home can really tank your productivity and profitability.  It can also make you feel like you’re working all of Mother working at homethe time and eat away at the quality time you spend with family or friends.

When you work from home, you might find that you are always distracted or not fully present in the moment.  Do you ever sit down to work on a business project, and the next thing you know you’re emptying the dishwasher or reading a magazine?  Or maybe you’re spending time with your “sweetie,” but you keep checking your email every time you hear the slightest ping or buzz from your phone or some other device. Or maybe your kids are asking why you’re always working on your computer (ouch!).

While this may sound harmless, it really is sinking your productivity while making you seem busy all the time.  You find it hard to focus on the task at hand (even when the task is just relaxing) because you always feel like you should be doing something else.  And here’s the thing: you have this nagging feeling because you should be doing something else!

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