What is Your Commitment Level?

This article is a guest post from BrightFire Expert, Odette Laurie of Business Women on Top.

I have been asked once or twice, okay maybe ten or eleven times, what is it that keeps me motivated or moving forward."COMMITMENT" letters on Chalkboard

I really had to ponder that for a while then I realized it was a simple answer.

I am 100% committed to my dream, my vision and my mission in life.

I am committed to my friends, my family, my clients, members of The “O” team (dorky I know but it keeps me tied to my younger TV day–we had great TV back then!).

Most importantly, I am committed to myself.

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3 Tips to Make Happiness Happen in Your Business and Life

You probably know by now that I love wacky holidays, uncommon celebrations, and thought-provoking observances.  Well today we are celebrating International Happiness Day! In celebration, I’m bringing out a post I wrote a few years 1994-08-033 002ago on the topic of happiness.

I’m sure we have all seen  “sh*t happens” t-shirts and bumper stickers around (as if we need reminders that bad things happen).  Truthfully, that is the last thing we need to focus on.  Happiness happens but it doesn’t happen unless you make a conscious decision and take action to make it happen.  This is the secret to true happiness.

Here are my top 3 tips for making happiness happen in your business and life:

1. Do what you love.

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