3 Steps To Dramatically Increase Your Income

Increase Your IncomeWhy do women earn less than their male counterparts? You might be thinking it’s because we live in a sexist society, or because women have so many responsibilities at home that we can’t fully focus on growing our careers. The truth is, even when education, experience, and all other factors are taken into consideration; women still make less money than men.

The reason we women don’t earn what we’re worth is because we typically undervalue ourselves and our work, and we don’t ask for the money we deserve.

As women, we often give away our power when it comes to money. This happens in so many ways–from undercharging for our services, to over-delivering in our packages.

It also shows up in our reluctance to market our services, or our discomfort with sales conversations. Instead of standing in the value that we have to offer the world, we freak out at the very thought of asking for money, so we don’t send out our newsletter and we don’t book that speaking engagement; instead we hide out safely behind our computer screen, tinker with our website, or we clean our office (again) to convince ourselves that we’re being productive.

Each time we “hide out,” our potential clients go another day without the help they need because we’re uncomfortable with money.

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Are You a Dabbling Debbie or Successful Susan?

Common Traits Of Successful Women EntrepreneursDo you ever feel like you have hit an income ceiling in your business? If so, you are definitely not alone. I speak to so many women entrepreneurs who say they would love to make more money but they’re not.

Through my years of working with entrepreneurs I’ve noticed certain common traits that tend to correspond with earning less and feeling stuck in your business.

I’ve also observed specific characteristics that correspond with owning a successful and profitable business and being able to serve more people.

I would like to introduce you to the 5 women entrepreneurs that I meet on a regular basis:

1. Dabbling Debbie
Debbie is very passionate about what she does, but she’s not so passionate about being a business owner. She does her business “on the side” and treats it more like a hobby than an actual business. She takes on clients here and there but doesn’t have a marketing plan, clear income goals, or a big vision for her business. She struggles a lot with inconsistent cash flow. Her business needs systems, structure, consistency, and commitment on her part in order to be successful.

2. Martyr Marsha
Marsha has a heart of gold and truly loves helping others—even at her own expense. She often discounts her services, undercharges, and gives away too much. She is reluctant to choose a target market because she knows she could help so many people. Sometimes she chooses to work with non-ideal clients because she wants to help them in spite of themselves. She often says she didn’t go into business for the money, and her bank account shows it. She struggles with attracting high-quality clients who happily pay her fees, so she is under-earning and feeling frustrated. In order for her business to be successful she has to first stand firm in the value that she provides and then set firm boundaries with her clients.

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