Ignite a Movement and Set the World on Fire

Most businesses are like white toast—totally indistinguishable from one brand to the next. Sure, they all have a different logo on the package, worldonfirebut take that away and they all look the same. And they all leave you with the same bland taste in your mouth.

Don’t be white toast. It’s boring and forgettable.

To really make an impact on the world around you, you have to be memorable and you have to inspire people to do business with you and support you.

If you want to make a difference, you have to get people on board with your mission and ignite a movement. Businesses that lack a mission and a movement are just commodities that blend in with all of the other clutter in our everyday lives. They are so easy to ignore. On the other hand, businesses with a clear mission and a movement stir things up and get people to take notice and take action. A powerful movement will skyrocket your success and allow you to make an explosive positive impact!

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You Don’t Change the World by Trying to Save the World

Most women-entrepreneurs are very caring people and truly want to help everyone. This is very noble and, at the same time, it’s one of thesavetheworld most common reasons why many business owners stink at attracting clients and customers.

You know you’re in trouble if when asked, “Who is your ideal client?” your answer begins with “Anyone” or “Everyone.” You need to be as specific as possible if you want people to self-identify as potential clients and/or send you a referral.

A lot of women entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid because they are struggling to find enough clients or the right clients. Often, this is because they haven’t actually defined who their ideal clients are. If you don’t know exactly who you are looking for, it makes it a lot harder to find them.

As a result, you end up trying to market to and enroll everyone who has a pulse. This is a huge time and money drain. Being a small business owner, it’s highly unlikely that you have the marketing budget or manpower to market to the masses. You are not Walmart, Coca-Cola, or Pepsi. You have to be much more focused in your approach. Not narrowing your focus will keep you from serving the people you are truly meant to serve.

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A Terrific Way to Give Back

This blog post is written by BrightFire Expert, Kyra Howell. You can check out more of her work at The Business of Abundance and Foundations for Giving.

Many entrepreneurs have a consuming passion in their heart to share their love and gifts with the world, or at least with those whom they can best affect. This desire is to be celebrated, supported, and given the legs with which to walk into that dream. 

There is a misnomer around philanthropy that only those with a lot of money ($1 million or more in investable assets) can be true philanthropists, and the rest of us simply must fill in where we can with our heartfelt donations here and there. Gerbera in women hand. Spa resord.

But philanthropy isn’t just about giving money. The money feature is merely a tool used by some who choose that method to express the love and service they want to provide. Another terrific way to be a philanthropist is through the use of your time and your gifts. The best way to give back, using your time and your gifts, is through what’s known as a “private operating foundation.”

The private operating foundation is a unique creature in philanthropy. Many people who embark on creating their own charitable organization are not even familiar with its existence. I don’t want to bore you with minute details in this article, but I will give you some indication of why you might want to look into one and what they’re all about. 

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