How NOT to Get Repeat Business

I’ll be blunt here.  A lot of marketing strategies I see are down right unethical.  Sure, they “work.” And by work, I mean they manipulate Sleazy salesman pointingpeople into opening up their wallets and buying things.  They will help you get sales in the short-term but they don’t help you build a loyal and intelligent client base who loves doing business with you over and over again.

In contrast, manipulative marketing strategies and high-pressure sales tactics fill your business or practice with desperate people who buy out of fear. This often sets up a very “co-dependent” type of  business relationship.  I’ve seen this more times then I can count in the business coaching industry.  It is no wonder that helping professionals feel so icky when they think about marketing and sales.

The good news is that marketing and sales don’t have to be slimey acts against your prospects and clients.  In fact, when done correctly, they are  great services that you do FOR your clients and prospects. 

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3 Marketing Tips from Next Food Network Star

Marketing Tips From Food Network StarOne of my favorite shows on television is Food Network Star.

That’s an odd choice coming from someone who hates cooking (although, I do love to eat). I’ve watched the show for years and I just figured out one of the reasons why I love it so much. The majority of the show is about marketing.

Sure they do challenges and make some great looking food, but the contestants who do well on the show are great marketers, not just great chefs or cooks. Each show is packed full of marketing morsels.

Here are my favorite marketing take-aways from Food Network Star:

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