What is Your Commitment Level?

This article is a guest post from BrightFire Expert, Odette Laurie of Business Women on Top.

I have been asked once or twice, okay maybe ten or eleven times, what is it that keeps me motivated or moving forward."COMMITMENT" letters on Chalkboard

I really had to ponder that for a while then I realized it was a simple answer.

I am 100% committed to my dream, my vision and my mission in life.

I am committed to my friends, my family, my clients, members of The “O” team (dorky I know but it keeps me tied to my younger TV day–we had great TV back then!).

Most importantly, I am committed to myself.

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Meet Odette Laurie

Meet Odette Laurie

Odette Laurie, speaker, author, and business Coach, has lived and breathed the life that so many of her business coaching clients are living now. Her successes in business have stemmed from two things in her life: her failures and her relentless desire and willingness to do whatever it takes to play big in the world.

 “I believe that for most of us, we are just skimming the surface of our lives. We are so much more than that, we are deeper and wider than what we think and believe, we just need to really dig deep into our soul and truly come from a place of who we want to be. From there we can live spectacular lives and show up 100% in the world, if not for ourselves, but for the people in our lives,” advocates Odette.

Odette has book-ended her message in just how to do this. “How Big is your ‘But’?” shows us how we get in our own way and actually sabotage our own success and she provides the solution in her book called:  Profit Domination: How Successful Women get on Top and Stay there~201 Rules for the Road.

“We all start out the same way and no one gets to the top alone,” says Odette.

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