Live Your Mission, Embrace Your GIFTS, and Make a Difference

The most successful entrepreneurs know that if you focus on two things, above everything else, your success will be limitless. Those two things what is your mission?are your mission and your GIFTS (If you don’t know what I mean by GIFTS, click here and I’ll fill you in). Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs start off in business ignoring these two things or they lose their focus along their journey. The result is a business that doesn’t matter, a business that doesn’t make much of an impact, a business that burns you out, or a business that becomes just another joyless J.O.B.

Business owners who lack a mission don’t know what their purpose is; they don’t have a big juicy, powerful reason to make a boatload of money. They have no “why.” They could just as easily sell vacuum cleaners as well as handbags. It really doesn’t matter to them as long as they are making money. Mission-centered women entrepreneurs are different. They desire to positively impact the world. They focus on doing what they do best, and serving the people they are meant to serve. They leave anything and everything that falls outside of their mission or their GIFTS to someone else.

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Now is the Time to Do What You Will Do

About a year and a half ago, my assistant pastor presented a homily called, “Your Life is Now.”  Everyday I remind myself of this statement (I even wrote a blog post about it–you can check it out here). While I’ve always found the homily and the message behind it to be very inspirational and affirming, it has taken on an even greater signifigance in my life over the last few months.

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve had a lot of health issues ranging from bad arthritis in my hands, vision changes, tachycardia, and hypertension.  I’ve had tests, tests, and more tests to see what might be causing these issues.  It’s likely that I have an autoimmune disorder, but the doctors aren’t sure which one.  I’ve been told it could be Lupus, it could be Rheumatoid arthritis, it could be some other autoimmune disorder, or it could be that I’ve just had a weird string of things going on for which they don’t have an explanation, yet.

As a super duper control freak, the idea of having a debilitating, and possiblly deadly disease for which there is no cure, is what you might call a nightmare.

I must admit that for the first time ever, I actually thought about putting my dreams and goals aside.  After all, I have 3 little girls that I love hanging out with.  Who couldn’t use more quality family time, right?

But here’s what I know:  Now is the time to do what I am going to do.

There may be times when I can no longer type words on a key board, or climb hills, or frost cupcakes for the girls, or travel to conferences.  But as long as I can do those things I’m going to do them.

Remember, “Your Life is Now!”

The lessons we learn in life are true in business, as well.  Over the last few months, I’ve been reminded a lot about what it takes to truly have success in business and life.

Here are some of the keys I’ve discovered to create a thriving business and live a truly fulfilling life:

  1. Now is the time to do what you will do.  Don’t put off what you can do today.  You never know what tomorrow might bring, so don’t waist time.  Time isn’t money, it’s your life, so spend it wisely.  If you have big goals, make sure you are doing something each day that brings you closer to them.

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