5 Steps to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social media love conept in word tag cloudReally Know Your Ideal Customer

You will hear me say this again and again because it is, in my opinion, the number one factor you should consider before planning any marketing. Sure you have an idea of what your ideal customer looks like but could you pick her out of a crowd? Do a little research and find out where she is spending her time online. This could mean polling current customers or creeping them on social media to see what else they are liking. Social media has made market research so much easier, it’s ok to take advantage of that! Before the end of the day do a little recon work and really get to know this guy or girl, it will make creating effective marketing that much easier.

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My Top Take-Aways on Effective Facebook Marketing

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a Facebook marketing workshop which was actually put on by Facebook’s Small and Medium facebookscreensaverBusiness (SMB) Growth Global Marketing team. The workshop was led by Facebook SMB Growth team member, Nina Ferrito.

I was super-excited to attend because this was a great opportunity to learn about Facebook marketing straight from the horse’s mouth. There are so many self-proclaimed Facebook marketing gurus out there giving their own opinions about what you should be doing that it gets a little confusing.

Unfortunately, confusion doesn’t often lead to success. So this week I want to share what I learned directly from the original source–Facebook.

Interesting Facebook Statistics:

  • Facebook and Instagram account for 21% of all digital time (the total time people spend on digital media).
  • 128 million people visit Facebook each day
  • 101 million people visit Facebook on mobile devices each day
  • 113 million check-ins occur on Facebook each month
  • 72% of monthly Facebook users come back every single day
  • 38% of Facebook respondents said they have made a purchase based on a like or share

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Your Brand and Social Media Matters

For those of you who don’t know, I have 3 children, all of whom have life-threatening food allergies.  Managing food allergies over the last 8 1/2 years Blog concept in word tag cloudinspired me to launch a division of BrightFire called, Fantastically Free, to help children, families, and adults live safe, healthy, and happy lives despite food allergies.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the first-ever Food Allergy Bloggers Conference.  Doctors, bloggers, allergy-friendly food companies and other professionals in the food allergy community all gathered together in Las Vegas to discuss how we can make a bigger difference for individuals and families dealing with food allergies, celiac disease, food intolerances and other related conditions.

One of the first sessions I attended during the conference was focused on partnering with brands.  This panel was facilitated by Tess Masters, aka “The Blender Girl, ” Joel Warady, CMO of Enjoy Life Foods, and Annelies Ziderveld of Attune Foods.

This was a very informative session to attend for those looking to partner with larger companies to help spread their message, become a spokesperson, or gain corporate sponsorships.

They shared so many great tidbits but today I’m sharing with you the top 6 take-aways.

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