Your Business Needs Structure

Many entrepreneurs are lacking the foundational structure they need in order to achieve business success. Their days are filled with chaos,Man and diagram stress, and overwhelm because they lack structure and are constantly re-creating the wheel each day. They’re working very hard but not getting enough done. Their business processes are inefficient and it’s costing them loads of time, money, and energy. They feel like they never have enough time in the day and they certainly can’t take a vacation because their business would come to a standstill.

Many people think of the term “structure” as a “four letter word.” I can’t tell you how many people have told me they are afraid of being boring or losing their spontaneity and creativity if they create structure. The fact is you can’t do anything without some structure. Even the

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3 Signs Your Business is Not Really a Business

Is your business really a business?  Seems like an odd question, doesn’t it?  Well, I’ve realized over the years that many solo entrepreneurs actually don’t haveSmall business owner holding up Open sign businesses.  Sure they’re offering their services in exchange for money, but they don’t really own a business.

You see, a business typically runs systematically and continuously no matter what.  There are systems, processes, policies, procedures, and support people to ensure that things run smoothly.

With solo entrepreneurs, especially service-based entrepreneurs, life often gets in the way of things running smoothly on a consistent basis.  Income generation (and often everything else) depends on the “business owner” so when the business owner is out of the office, sick, on vacation, etc. the business is practically shut down.  This isn’t the way to run a real rock-solid business.

Many entrepreneurs think that they’re business owners, when they are really freelancers, practitioners, or hobbyists.

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The 7 Key Ingredients to Create a Successful Business

Ingredients of a Successful BusinessThere are 7 things that you absolutely need to have in order to have a successful business. And when I say “successful business,” I mean a business that is profitable, provides value, and is a joy to own. If you’re struggling in your business, in any way, shape, or form, you are likely missing one of the key ingredients in your recipe for success.

The 7 main ingredients for a successful business are:
  1. A great product or service that your target market will want to buy. You can’t sell something just because you’re passionate about it or because you love doing it. Does your product or service provide tremendous value to your customers and clients? Does it help them to solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal? If not, go back to the drawing board and brainstorm some ways to add value and help them get to their desired outcome.
  2. A lucrative target market. Are your potential clients hungry for what you have to offer? You might have perfected your craft, service, or product but if you’re targeting people who can’t or won’t pay for your services, you’re wasting your time. Don’t just target the people you want to help, target the people who WANT your help.
  3. Strategic thinking. Building a truly successful business requires you to be able to visualize what you want and to create a plan to get there. Every action you take in your business requires forethought, planning, and execution. Success doesn’t come from slinging spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.
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