Are You Burying Your Talents (and Your Profits) in the Dirt?

Are you burying your talents in the dirtA while back I had a conversation with a potential client who was struggling with growing her business and was thinking of giving up doing work she had been passionately doing for years.

We laid out a plan to raise her visibility and attract more clients but something was missing.  She said she couldn’t move forward because of a spiritual block.  I have to admit, at that moment, I thought that was a creative excuse for not taking action.  I don’t always talk about spirituality in my business, but at my core I am a very spiritual person and I believe that entrepreneurship is a deeply spiritual journey.

One Sunday, a few years ago, was the first day in a long while that everyone in my family was well enough to go to church.  For a moment I thought that maybe we should just stay home and catch up on things that needed to be done around the house, relax, and just enjoy the company of family.  But something said, “Nope. No way. You have to go to Church.” So we all went to church–and I am enormously grateful that we did.

I believe that God communicates to us in many subtle ways.  I think it’s through gut feelings that you have, your intuition, and deep “knowings” (not beliefs) that you know in your heart are true.  We are omniscient in our own ways.

But sometimes God sends you a messenger that delivers a message with great impact. A message you cannot ignore.  One that speaks straight to your soul.  In that moment you have great clarity.  We often call it an “Aha” moment.  But the real word is an “epiphany.”

On that Sunday, I listened to a homily called, “Your Life is Now,” and 3 messages resonated with me on an epiphanic level.

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