You Don’t Change the World by Trying to Save the World

Most women-entrepreneurs are very caring people and truly want to help everyone. This is very noble and, at the same time, it’s one of thesavetheworld most common reasons why many business owners stink at attracting clients and customers.

You know you’re in trouble if when asked, “Who is your ideal client?” your answer begins with “Anyone” or “Everyone.” You need to be as specific as possible if you want people to self-identify as potential clients and/or send you a referral.

A lot of women entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid because they are struggling to find enough clients or the right clients. Often, this is because they haven’t actually defined who their ideal clients are. If you don’t know exactly who you are looking for, it makes it a lot harder to find them.

As a result, you end up trying to market to and enroll everyone who has a pulse. This is a huge time and money drain. Being a small business owner, it’s highly unlikely that you have the marketing budget or manpower to market to the masses. You are not Walmart, Coca-Cola, or Pepsi. You have to be much more focused in your approach. Not narrowing your focus will keep you from serving the people you are truly meant to serve.

So here is the first thing you need to do if you want actually change lives and make a difference in the world:

Get clear on who your ideal clients truly and how you actually serve them.

I call this finding your “hot spot.” It’s the point at which you identify exactly who your favorite folks are, what they need and desire most, and how you can help them. Finding your hot spot will allow you to tailor your products and services to meet your clients’ or customers’ most pressing needs, and increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

It’s also a better use of your resources to reach out to a highly targeted group of your ideal clients versus casting a wide net out to everyone under the sun. Not only do you find clients more easily, but they can also find you more easily. And when they do, they know that you are the one for them. Find your hot spot and serve the people you are truly meant to serve!

Can you say who it that you serve and what you help them to achieve in one sentence or less? Go ahead and take a stab at it. This is the very first thing you need to nail down and be able to communicate effectively if you want to succeed in business.

I’d love to hear what your hot spot is. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

About Tiffany deSilva

Tiffany deSilva is the founder, CEO, and visionary leader of BrightFire Women’s Business Network, LLC.

BrightFire Women’s Business Network is the premiere sales training and coaching resource for service-based women entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales, serve more people, and change more lives.

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    Critical for everyone. No one serves everyone — not even The Beatles or Coca-Cola.




  2. I think women in particular have this sense of wanting to do everything for everybody both i personal life and in biz. I agree, your “hot spot” is way important. Thanks, Tiffany.

  3. 50 First Dates Girl is finding it irresistible not to make a comic remark about what my hot spot is… but instead I’ll say, “High Achieving Woman who are burnt out or on the brink of burn out” I help them reclaim their joy and happiness and find their way back from burnout making them even more successful.

  4. This advice is not just for a small one person business.

    It applies to much larger companies as well. When you

    try to do too much for too many your expenses go way up and often

    the main areas of expertise and passion start to become less so.

  5. How do you find your Hot Spot with a Mobile Spa Party Company when everyone needs to take some time for themselves?

    • This is why it is so important to really know who your ideal client is and how your service helps them specifically. Everyone needs to take time for themselves, but not everyone is a good fit for a Mobile Spa Company. Your hotspot lies in helping just a segment of the population that needs and wants to take time for themselves, not everybody. Ask some of your favorite customers why they love your service, what they get out of it, and how they would improve it to get some clarity around your hotspot.

  6. I agree – we can’t serve everyone!

    I serve anxious and overwhelmed women helping them find nutritional solutions so they can feel calm and on top of the world again!

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